Budget news March 2020

 At the end of 2019 the Government showed its commitment to fight crime and tackle antisocial behaviour announcing :

. an extra £750 million to provide 20,000 more police officers. The biggest recruitment drive in decades. The first 6,000 to be in place by 2020/21 to be shared among the 43 forces in England and Wales.

. an extra 10,000 prison places to be created using £2.5 billion spending commitment with additional funding for probation reforms that will help reduce reoffending

In this week’s budget the Chancellor made further pledges to help fight crime:

. an additional £114 million in 20/21 to combat terrorism

. an extra £15 million to improve support for victims of crime

. £5million extra for the Youth Endowment Fund to help with tackling youth violence

. a further £68.5 million to toughen community sentences.

Angelique Foster commented: "The latest announcements in the budget show the commitment by our Conservative Government to support our police, probation service and prison officers and deliver on our promise to cut crime.

"If elected I will make sure Derbyshire and Derby City gets its fair share of the extra funding available, tax payers money is spent wisely and residents see a real difference in their communities. Getting more Police Officers on the street and keeping residents safe is what people are asking for. That will be my priority”